Middle class morons missing the important stuff- again..

I’m trying to work out how many people were murdered in the past weeks. It seems like more than usual. Shootings, stabbings, gratuitous killings, kids getting murdered by other kids, ganglands, men getting in fights on nights out and someone ending up dead, beatings. It’s disgusting. We’re a small country, was Ireland always this violent?

I can’t remember the last time a full day passed without reading about some act of violent crime. Is that not offensive, scary, horrifying, unsettling? I was only down the road from the recent shooting in Bray, where a ‘crazed gunman’ entered Bray Boxing Club and shot three people killing 50 year old innocent Bobby Messett, while Pete Taylor, father of Olympian Katie was injured in the attack.

It seems, as a nation, we’re growing immune to slaughter. When you look online, its the banal stuff that seems to be causing offence.

The ‘tone police’ are out in force, labelling anything they don’t agree with as ‘tone deaf.’

Metaphorically of course.

Women’s Mini Marathon organisers were ‘tone deaf’ for handing out free detergent and dishwasher tabs along with chocolate and other free stuff to 30,000 women, our national anthem is ‘tone deaf’, the Iona institute, the Catholic Church. It’s interminable.

‘Tone deaf’ things are happening all over the globe. Bill Clinton was ‘tone deaf’, talking about Monica Lewinsky recently, Vogue Arabia was ‘tone deaf’ for using a  photo of a Saudi Princess driving on their front cover. Nice pic by the way.

I’m offended therefore I am- a middle class moron. People struggling don’t have time for such indulgences.

Born from the current era of identity politics, it is void of individual thought, intelligent discourse or tolerance, and has been cultivated on a new level of closed mindedness that shames people for living their lives.

Modern culture dictates via a tone dictatorship that stuff that really isn’t that bad, is bad in a passive aggressive way. For marathon runners, free stuff is bad for example. “Tone deaf,’ #feminism. Barely a week after we won the battle the repeal the 8th, now this,’ they wrote.

Now women don’t want free stuff? The cheek of organisers, why didn’t they put a faberge egg into each goodie bag?

Do women not use the dishwasher anymore? What about people who don’t have dishwashers having their faces rubbed in it like that?

The next edition of the Miss America pageant will scrap swimsuits and will be more ‘inclusive to women of all sizes,’ the contest announced with the hashtag #byebyebikini.

Gretchen Carlson, chairwoman of the Miss America board of directors said; “We will no longer judge our candidates on their outward physical appearance. That’s huge.” Not for ratings though.

When has anyone ever been offended by a bikini? It used to be fun. Who can forget ultimate bond girl Ursula Andress, aka Honey Ryder in 1962’s Dr. No. I can’t imagine middle class morons would like that kind of thing now.

In 2016 muslim women were supported by ‘woke’, feminists across the world to be allowed to be covered up on hot days.  These same women probably think it would be ‘tone deaf’ for women to sunbathe in bikinis in the summertime, when there’s women in burkas are walking around in need of safe spaces. There’s probably some hashtag somewhere. #checkyourbikini.

Anyway, the tone police can ‘f**k off. By convincing yourself of the infallibility of your beliefs, you are in fact just like the people you are denigrating with your ‘microaggressions’ .

I’m middle class and I like free dishwasher tabs, so send them my way if there’s any left. I promise I won’t ‘check my privilege’ ever again.

Until the whole intolerant thing reaches its expiration date, I’ve put together some new campaigns for people at a loose end since repeal the 8th to get behind.

We need information for kids on drug taking, like #safesesh in the UK. Kids going to festivals and clubs this summer need information on how to take drugs safely- they take them, so lets keep judgement aside and make sure nothing bad happens. They may as well know how strong they are and which ones not to mix.

In the absence of drug testing facilities and information at festivals across Ireland this summer, it’s vital kids learn about dosage. In the UK, a particularly strong batch of ecstasy killed 2 young people a festival in Hampshire, lets not let it happen here.

#watersafetyireland is another one I’d like to see spread around social media. 4 people drowned in lakes and quarries this past week, two of them 15 year old boys. Its too much. Why is water safety not all over social media?

Schools should be encouraged to have a water safety courses for all children. Communities need to be more rigorous about people not swimming in quarries, artificial waters, riverbanks, reservoirs, at night etc. Don’t swim while pissed, learn to recognise currents, make sure there are lifeguards around. Save lives. Lets spread the word online, the only place where it really penetrates.

Also why not have campaign and accompanying #hashtag about women’s safety. Spread five rules of how to be safer at night, in relationships, in the home etc all around the internet.

If online intolerants want to do something other than create a humourless, thin skinned society, they’re on the right track. So grow some balls, and get behind people stuff that really matters. What could possibly be more important that the safety of our citizens.

Repeal the 8th has proven how collectively people can make a huge difference, so let’s use our power to do something decent and not waste it on tedious bullshit that doesn’t matter a damn.