If Kylie Jenner is a billionaire at 20, we only have ourselves to blame

You don’t have charisma, intelligence, talent? Just family money? Great. You can be a star, a president, a billionaire, have the world at your feet. People will love you and buy whatever you sell.

What about brains, virtuosity, brilliance or prowess you may ask. Not necessary- these tenets are longer required to be successful.

It’s a disconcerting reality, but an unfortunate one.

Speaking of reality, Kylie Jenner, 20 a year old reality star who endorses orange nails and tack is set to be the world’s youngest ‘self made’ billionaire,  proving that the rest of us must be complete idiots.

Having debuted Kylie Cosmetics just two years ago, Forbes valued her company at nearly €720 million this year. She owns 100 percent of it, outsources production to an already existing factory and only employs a handful of full time staff. Her mother or ‘momager’ does most of that stuff. It’s clever, but is she? Not really.

Jenner just posts photos of herself on social media wearing a nice summer palette tangerine matte bullet lipstick and flogging it to her young female disciples- 150 million of them, online.  “Social media is an amazing platform,” she says. “I have such easy access to my fans and my customers.”

Or minions. I would call them. These easily lead women and girls are buying her stuff, because of intrinsic consumerism and a warped desire to be close to a celebrity, who fills an inner want by proclaiming ‘I love you guys’ a lot and reposts the odd fan message on social media.

“I always fight for the lowest price on all my products,” Kylie insists. Is that why a pack of make up brushes cost €300? I worked out that she only needs a sixth of her followers to buy one lipliner for $40 annually and she’s a billionaire. Job done.

The Kardashians must look at us and wonder wtf is wrong with us? ‘How are they like, so poor?’

Because we’re busy buying crap that you guys sell. People would rather support the Kardashians, than their own friends. If a friend was starting up a makeup line at the same time as Kyle, two guesses what products would be purchased? Her fans even gave money to a crowdfunding site that was set up in jest to ‘help Kylie reach a billion’ quicker.

If it’s not endorsed by a celebrity or on the telly, there must be something wrong with it, is our attitude. I know this from experience.

But just remember, if it weren’t for the famous OJ Simpson trial back in 1995, before Kylie was born and Robert Kardashian- the original Kardashians dad, being on his legal team, and Kylie’s sister Kim making a a sex tape, which was ‘accidentally’ leaked, and Mark Zuckerberg and his ilk creating social media platforms, Kylie wouldn’t be a billionaire now.

She’s be going from store to store with nothing but a big dream and a few homemade eye shadow samples, getting doors slammed in her face,  hoping her friends would just buy her makeup to get her started.

No one becomes a billionaire if they don’t work, she does all this, but the setup favours the Kardashians and captures the Zeitgeist.

At least we know that if we had a narcissistic, self indulgent big assed family, poor taste and wieners for lips, we too would have lots of instagram followers and could sell fresh air to the Norwegians. The problem is that young women try to emulate these people and their vacuous lifestyles.

Reality TV stars are all cashing in on us fools. Telling us they love us. Donald Trump is doing it too. He’s less popular than Kylie, but at the same time, he managed to be president without any credentials.

Without a following, neither of this pair would be there, so the general public is responsible for their omnipotence.

Donald also came from a rich background and just went along from there. If you’re spoilt from the beginning, you have higher expectations, so you can skip all the painful graft early on, where most of us fail or give up. “I am really rich” and “I’ve always been good at making money” he says, well besides the money his billionaire dad, Fred Trump left him, much of which he squandered.

I’m always impressed if people make it, even rich people, but this isn’t inspirational. They’re better at capitalism than we are- great. But without sounding cliched, I can sooner prescribe to Oprah, who was actually ‘self made.’ Born to a young, unmarried teenage mother in Mississippi, she grew up so poor she had to wear potato sacks for dresses. After suffering years of sexual abuse, she ran away from home at 13 and going on to be the first black female TV star after a meteoric rise on daytime TV. Her current fortune stands at €3bn.

Its sad for humanity in a way that such things as IQ, integrity, wit, plain old knowing stuff are no longer called upon. Young people accrue huge student debts studying while professionals- experts in their field, can’t afford to buy a house, or rent. Whats the alternative? Communism. That sucks too.

We don’t hate Kyle, its just that she doesn’t have a personality. The death of personality is real.

If Kylie Jenner can be richer than most people on the planet, whats the point in trying hard?

So before we criticise them, remember, if we don’t want fools to be rich, then we must collectively stop making them so.