Extinction Rebellion is well meaning, but exposes a lonely society

If it weren’t so weird, the Extinction Rebellion would be hilarious.

Watching a bunch of entitled middle class morons who are convinced that they have insider knowledge of our imminent demise is comical.

But once you get a group of brainless, time rich hysterics from a foliage wearing death cult together in one place, things can get annoyingly dangerous.

In London City Airport this week, James Brown (not the dead musician) who is visually impaired, climbed on top of a British Airways plane, clinging to the fuselage as he streamed a live message online.

Another well-dressed man refused to sit on his seat, delaying a flight from London to Dublin by nearly two hours. Others glued themselves to the departures lounge floor.

I’m an old school Germanic tree hugger, who doesn’t dispose of food willy nilly and isn’t afraid of getting a bus, but it’s difficult to get past the narcissism. They remind me of the conspiracy theory messiahs who think the earth is flat and they can control the weather by looking into the sun.

I call them the “It’s coming, it’s coming” people, who comprise uninformed, out of work idiots trying to be relevant and superior. “The reason I don’t work is because I have a higher purpose and need to make penicillin when the tidal wave and the lizard aliens come.” Yeah whatever- hold the Kool-Aid.

But it seems that it is not only these loons who are angry, intolerant. on edge and ready to blow. It’s omnipresent. Obviously, there’s a tonne in the modern world to be unhappy about, but take a chill pill folks.

These days, everyone is so afraid of what other people think, they’re driving each and more importantly themselves, mad. By not being authentic, not allowing themselves to laugh and hiding behind the facade of social media, people become desperately unhappy.

They want a reason for their unhappiness and will try to find it in ratting people out and blaming other people for it online.. “I’m unhappy because you used a plastic straw. “I’m unhappy because of a lack of diversity in the people you went to the shops with. ”I’m unhappy because you tweeted a sexist joke in 2007. I’m unhappy because you voted No in the abortion referendum.”

Like why do you care? Rule number one of a happy life is to let others live their lives.

But these days it’s impossible. On the one hand, our daily language of ‘far right,’ ‘far left,’ ‘libtards,’’ too white,’, “white privilege,” “Nazi, racist, transphobe, is influencing small brains- on both sides of the argument.

Then, throw in some mindfulness- ‘be kind to yourself, cancel your appointments, don’t show up, don’t answer the phone if you don’t want to. It’s all about you,” and some doomsday prophecies from Greta Thunberg and you the perfect storm of panic, anger and self-inflicted prohibition.

Rather than chill out, people are starting to police each other by name-calling, filming others ‘doing wrong,’ and informing on each other out Stasi style.

It’s like being in school and telling the teachers about the smokers behind the shed, but not confronting them yourself.

This week, Ellen DeGeneres and George W. Bush sat at a Cowboys game in Dallas.

A few years back, no one would have cared, but in this current age of outrage, and nothing better to do with themselves, they were ‘shocked.’

DeGeneres addressed the criticism she faced from her army of ‘liberal’ supporters, saying: “People were upset.” “They thought, why is a gay Hollywood liberal sitting next to a conservative Republican president?” DeGeneres asked. ” A lot of people were mad. And they did what people do when they’re mad… they tweet.”

“Here’s the thing. I’m friends with George Bush,” she said. “In fact, I’m friends with a lot of people who don’t share the same beliefs that I have.”

“I’m even friends with people who are furry,” she added, in a bid to make light of this otherwise distressing event.

Clearly the left is starting to eat itself. Being liberal means being totally intolerant and unaccepting of others who don’t agree with you. But this anger only perpetuates more anger.

We live in a nannied world, where you can’t smoke, where it is proposed that soon you may not eat on certain trains for fear of annoying someone, and where global leaders think that young people like Greta Thunberg have all the answers, and that we adults are just stupid and need to be perpetually shamed.

No wonder people have mental health issues. A UK report by UKgov found that one quarter of millennials have no friends at all.

This is terrible. Mental health is a huge and all-encompassing issue, but isolation, which is an aspect of it, can be cured.

Why not just take a few days off from climate shaming old age pensioners for having the gas on and go out and enjoy yourselves instead.

Listen to music in public, chat to someone on the bus, wear a low-cut shirt, get drunk, talk freely. The imaginary judgemental people you live your life by, exist only inside of you, so no one will care.

We’re not living in communist East Germany.

30 years ago, the Berlin Wall came down for a reason – because people wanted freedom to be themselves.

Stop building another one.